Thursday, October 9, 2008

Back from Disneyland...but life is crazy!

We've been back from Disneyland but life is *very* crazy here right now! I haven't forgotten about you all or about my blog...but time is scarce these days and I have some family stuff going on.

Disneyland was AMAZING! Better than I ever dreamed it could be! The longest line we waited in was fifteen minutes and that was very rare--we walked right onto almost every ride and even were able to stay on rides like Dumbo to ride them two times in a row! It was fabulous!

On our very first day my children held hands with Minnie Mouse and went skipping through ToonTown with her! They were the envy of many children, that's for sure! The next day we were able to march with Mickey down Main Street as the Main Street Band marched to Town Square. We met every princess except Mulan (and my children don't know who she is anyhow) and had pictures taken with TONS of characters. My little girl held hands with Pluto and they explored several store windows along Main Street. It just was wonderful!!

It truly was a magical trip. We have been spoiled for future trips!!

Look at the expression on my little girl's face--this was when she saw Snow White on a float during the Parade of Dreams. The joy on her face just takes my breath away.