Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's Day Decorations

I had plans for more Valentine decorations, including some that I was hoping to have Princess make with me, but since the big day is less than a week away, I think what I have up is all there will be this year!
Hey look, it's the garage sale dresser that I redid! I wonder how many times I can blog about it? Anyhow, it is one of the few flat surfaces I have to decorate, so here it is again!
This is my Tuesday Morning (discount store) lamp with a lampshade from Target--I'm going to add a little something-something to the shade, but haven't done that project yet. I have a beaded heart (from Michael's) hanging from the lamp, a cute little heart candle holder, and a sweet little snapshot my mom took on Princess's first Christmas--then she had it printed in a heart shape and framed it for me. I love it. No, I *love* it!!
This is my little candleholder from Nordstrom Rack--basically that is Nordstrom's outlet store. I was at one (a couple hours from home) in mid-January and couldn't pass this up...I think it was $2.99!!
These are my mini apothecary jars that I found at an antique store. I think it was around $10 for all three of them. Sooo cheap compared to everything else in the store! The jellybeans are the only thing I bought specifically for this little vignette. The kisses are leftover from Christmas--I just picked out the green ones! The conversation hearts are from 2001! Don't eat one, you'll break your teeth! My husband proposed marriage to me using conversation hearts, so we incorporated them in our wedding favors and I had a few leftover bags that I've been holding onto because it seems wrong to throw them away.
These glass votive holders with little hearts are another find from The Rack. Love them and they were super inexpensive, too! Isn't my "distressed" window sill lovely? This is my kitchen window and is yet another unfinished project!
This is my formal living room that you see as soon as you walk in the house. What isn't in this picture (because I'm leaning over it!) is the GIGANTIC empty cardboard box that Santa brought Princess for Christmas. It is all she asked him for and she loves it. My cute little "love" sign is hanging from the lamp on the left and another beaded heart is hanging from the armoire. By the way, that's an Ikea armoire--I frosted the glass and painted the whole thing black. Our desktop computer is tucked away inside.
Finally I have this cute sign hanging above the door to my laundry room/powder room. I really like it and was happy to find it on sale at Michaels for less than $6.

Happy Valentine's Day!!


Shannon said...

I love all of your V-day Decorations! So cute!

Good job on that armoire! I soooooooo wish we had an IKEA near us.

I always forget about Tuesday Morning! I need to go there!

Serendipity said...

Love Tuesday Morning!

I especially love your jars filled with all the fun candy! {Sadly, the candy doesn't last long at our house!} Everything looks lovely!

Jen @ said...

Your home looks great! I love all of the stars on the wall. Everything is lovely!


Ms. Tee said...

Everything's so pretty - you did a great job on that dresser! I just discovered we had a Tuesday Morning in our city. I'm going to have to look there more. The little heart photo is sweet! :)

Rae said...

How fun! I don't have ANY v-day decorations anywhere!! What is wrong with me?!

Unknown said...

It all looks so good! I love your barn stars. I don't know what Tuesday mornings are but I think I will check it out.

The Childrens Nest said...

Cute V-Day decor!! Thanks for stopping by The Childrens Nest! I look forward to checking out more of your cute blog!! Take care...
BTW Love the name of your blog!!

Jenni said...

Everything is beautiful! You have decorated wonderfully for Valentine's Day! Your living room is so cute, and that black dresser you repainted is GORGEOUS! I don't mind if you post that every time, because I never mind seeing it! I know what you mean about flat surfaces...I think I need to create more of those! :)

About Snohomish, my brother and his family lives in town, and she recently showed me a map with all of the best places to live. The schools are pretty good up there, too, which is important. I love the down town part, too! :) Have you ever been to Country Village in Bothell? It is awesome; I love all of their little shops, and a couple of these are neat antique shops with wonderful prices! :)

Jenny said...

Cute! I love your decorations. I also have a jar of conversation hearts. It's so colorful and fun.