Monday, June 15, 2009

Just truckin' along...

I'm still here, just incredibly busy and TIRED! The addition is mostly done--we just need to have the electrical inspection and final inspection plus have the hardwood flooring guy come out and fix some minor problems with the finish on the vents. And, of course we have to finish the detail work inside as well as repair all the landscaping outside and paint the outside trim. Okay, maybe it isn't almost done!
Painting this trim is a big ol' PAIN!! It is wide, so brushes leave brush marks and foam rollers don't do the job either. I went out yesterday and bought a paint sprayer, so now we're trying that--except just taping the trim off (which I already did) isn't enough when you use a now we're using rosin paper to seal off the floor and the walls from overspray. It takes FOREVER!! We finally started spraying the first windows last night looked horrible!! I was fed up and had my husband call a painter (yes, on a Sunday evening!) to hire him to come do the job for us. However the guy was really nice and gave us some tips for the sprayer, so my husband tried those and it seems to be going better now. Blah!

Apart from the addition, life still is moving at full speed for us. Princess started swim lessons and seems to be a little fish! She's had four lessons thus far (they meet twice a week) and she loves it!

And, of course, she still does ballet, gymnastics, and soccer too. Way too many activities if you ask me! Swimming lessons will stop at the end of summer unless I can get her to give up gymnastics.

Handsome does soccer at the same time as Princess (on adjacent sections of the field) and his favorite thing is to be the goalie. That's pretty much all he wants to do!

And amidst all these activities, we still have to squeeze in lots of unstructured playtime!

We've had speech therapy and swallowing therapy appointments too, as well as a trip to Children's Hospital to see Handsome's GI doctor. Whenever we go there, we make a day of it and do fun things in the area. On this trip we stopped at our favorite outdoor mall to play. There are wonderful outdoor fountains there for children to splash in!

So as you can see, we are BUSY!! I miss blogging and visiting all of you--I haven't forgotten you!


Darlene said...

It looks BEAUTIFUL in the new addition!! Definitely coming right along. Looks like you are enjoying summer. Those outdoor fountains look like so much FUN! Hope you are having a GREAT week!♥

Shannon said...

Oooooooh, I can't wait for it to be complete! Look at all that space!

Sounds like a busy but fun summer so far!