Thursday, July 2, 2009


I haven't posted about them yet, but at a garage sale a few weeks ago, I found two bookcases to match my Broyhill Fontana media armoire. I love my armoire and now that we've done (well, mostly done!) this addition, I have room for the matching bookcases...except they aren't made any more! I've been stalking Craigslist looking for them, but haven't had any I was *thrilled* to find them at a garage sale! I think I spent $275 on the pair of them plus a matching square coffee table and it was money well spent in my book!

Well, when my husband went to pick them up for me I had him ask if they happened to have the Broyhill Fontana table that they wanted to get rid of. You see, I had noticed they had the chairs out at their garage I was hoping they had the table stashed away inside their house. And they DID!!

The downside? It wasn't for sale. I was sad, but called and gave them my number in case they changed their mind. And they DID!!

The downside? They wanted $700 for the table, six chairs, and tile top server (kind of a mini buffet.) Again I was sad--I called and left a voicemail saying that I loved the set but that I just didn't have $700 to spend but that I appreciated them giving me the opportunity to buy their furniture.

Know what happened next?? They called and said I could have the set for $550! (Or something like that...I forget the exact price.) I was thrilled! I wanted the table to use in the breakfast area in the addition--the space is one big area and it would look great with my armoire and new bookshelves.

I went back and they were kind enough to sell it all to me for $475! I'm so happy!

The downside? We just finished a addition project that went over budget and buying new furniture really should have been put off six months. Ooopsie!

Craigslist to the rescue! I've been selling stuff on there for the past 1 1/2 weeks and have made $650 so far! That just about covers my garage sale purchases!

I made over $200 selling some expensive baby gates that we no longer need and I sold this table and chair set for $275...
And I sold this set (our old set that was too small for us) for $100...
And I cleared more space in the garage by selling *two* of these rugs for $40 each--they've just been rolled up in the corner for five years now!
I'm happy to get this stuff out of here and thrilled to make some decent money off of it. Now our formal dining room is a playroom, I can *almost* get my car in the garage, and I've partially furnished our new addition without breaking the bank. Hooray for Craigslist!


Karri said...

when you get those pieces in, i want to see photos!

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

I love craigslist! I have sold SO MUCH stuff on there and cleared out so much stuff takin up space! It's awesome for the extra cash!

Jo - To a Pretty Life said...

That's great! How nice that you could find the exact furniture you wanted! I actually added craigslist and a couple of other online classified sites to my google reader. It paid off because I found the perfect kitchen chairs on Tuesday. I have about 5 ads listed right now. I love it!

Our Complete Family said...

Well hey there! I just had some catching up to do here and happy belated Anniversary to you and your hubby!!!
The kids look darling on Father's day. They are so precious!
Can't wait to see all your furniture finds in your home!
Happy 4th of July to you and yours~ Hugs,Les

Jen Gillespie said...

oh how exciting, but you left me in suspense. I was expecting pictures at the end. Guess you'll just have to point them out when you post the final pics. Can't wait to see them!