Monday, September 28, 2009

First Days of School

My babies celebrated their first days of school at the beginning of September. It has been quite an adjustment getting used to commuting to school. I'm now driving 2+ hours a day to get them to school. Ugh!
First up was my baby boy. He is attending preschool for the first time. Twice a week, just in the morning...he loves it!
I just can't believe he's old enough for preschool! I'm kind of still in denial about it. This is a new preschool for us and it is just down the road from my daughter's school. Her preschool wasn't willing to deal with my little boy's nut allergy. Luckily this other preschool is working hard to keep my baby safe!
Yes, he loved his first day! No tears or anything! Next up, Princess had her first day of kindergarten. She is attending Catholic school and looooves her uniform! Really loves it! She was dancing around the uniform store when we bought the jumpers and sweaters--the older girls were looking at her like she was crazy!
Yes, she was excited for school!!
My baby girl is getting so big!!
Heading in for the first time as an official student!!
Her first day of school was a two hour orientation and parents were allowed to attend. Since then, parents haven't been allowed in the classroom! She's in all day kindergarten and loving it! She cried on the first regular day and since then she's been fine.
And here are my babies on the first day they both went off to school at the same time. Sniff, sniff! (Although really I've been upstairs at my little boy's preschool so I've been able to hear him the whole time...but he doesn't know I'm up there!)


Darlene said...

Awwwww they are both so cute! I'm glad you found a school that is so concerned with your little boy's allergy....they can keep him safe. Your little girl looks SOOOO adorable in her uniform!

Shannon said...

So cute!! I went to a private Baptist school and had very similar uniforms. :)