Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kidnapped by Facebook!

I've been temporarily kidnapped by Facebook (and Christmas preparation, Princess's birthday celebrations, etc)...but I *must* share this find with you!

Check out Dogeared Jewelry--their stuff is so sweet and perfect for gift giving. They sell their stuff online as well as at places like Nordstrom.

I really really want the mother daughter necklace set...I might splurge on it next year and do a special day with Princess and give it to her then...or maybe I should save it for *next* Christmas.
Or look at this necklace...
This last necklace I'm thinking about buying as a gift for someone for this year.
Isn't their stuff CUTE?! I love it!


Jessica said...

HA! Facebook is addicting, isn't it??? I love those necklaces. I think that mother daughter necklace is perfect for you and Princess. You could go to tea and lunch and give it to her as a special way to remember your special day. Glad to see you back at your blog! :)

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

YES! It is so freaking addicting!

Anyhow, I did just order two necklaces from Dogeared--one as a gift and one for me. Hey, if I'm going to buy my own Christmas gifts and my own stocking stuffers, I'm going to buy stuff that I like!

Shannon said...

Those are cute! I have one of those make a wish necklaces and love it! Mine is on a tiny gold chain with a tiny gold crown. I wear it all the time!

Marie said...

Omg. I was kidnapped by facebook too!!! I tried Twitter but didn't see the point in it. Now facebook? I LOVE IT! :o)

PRETTY necklaces. I love that idea!