Monday, April 27, 2009

Tulip Fields

My little ones still aren't back to 100% yet, but they're doing a lot better. We went on an outing to the tulip fields because we all were going stir-crazy at home! We did some geocaching on our way there and one of the caches we found was near an eagle's nest! The nest was HUGE--look closely at the picture (or click it and make it bigger!) and you'll see an eagle in the nest. There also was another eagle circling overhead.
We visit the tulip fields every year during the month of April. It was a bittersweet trip for me this year because of all the memories. In 2004 we took our little girl to the fields for the first time on her four month birthday--we bought some cut tulips and brought them to my grandma. I remember how much she liked the flowers and how she cuddled my baby girl. After she got some good cuddles in, she called my aunts and they came over to see my girl. Now my grandma is gone and my aunts aren't nearly as interested in my girl as they used to be. Sad.
These fields are planted by a bulb company that sells bulbs nationwide. The fields are gorgeous and remind me of the Netherlands.
Most of the daffodil fields were done blooming, but we found a few that still were full of color.
Anyhow, my little ones weren't willing to do very many pictures this year as they weren't feeling too great, but I did get some good shots.
With my boy in a daffodil field
My two children found a "confused" tulip (aka a tulip that didn't match the others)
Lots of good sniffing going on!
I'm a softie for a little boy in OskKosh overalls!
Pretty cute, huh?! Although I do like pictures of people walking away from me, these pictures show his back because he was bellowing "you no take my picture, Mama!! NOOOOOOO!"
I made him turn around because you're not supposed to walk down the rows (although they turn a blind eye if you just go down a little ways) but he still wouldn't look at me!
That's okay--I really like pictures where I catch my children utterly absorbed in something.
I didn't have as much time to play with my camera as I wanted to have though...maybe next year!
Finally I resorted to bribery to get a picture with happy children...and it worked! I also did a few elephant noises...


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

What beautiful photos! Those tulips are almost so pretty they don't look real! :)

The Bertone's said...

Simply beautiful! That is so cool to see them all in rows like that. Love the photo's. :) Sounds like a good tradition!

Shannon said...

All those pictures are so pretty! What a beautiful place. Your little girl's shirt is perfect! :)

Christie said...

Oh my gosh. Where are you? Those fields are absolutely stunning. What I wouldn't give for a photo shoot there.

Gorgeous pics. Love the one of your son walking away in his little bibs. So, so cute.

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Those are the most DARLING photos!!! I love them! You absolutely must frame them and display them! The kids look so cute in their co-ordinating outfits (love the tulips on the shirt!), and your photos all turned out great! btw--what an amazing deal you got at target yest.! :)

Unknown said...

What great pictures! Glad they are starting to feel better!


Jenni said...

I love all your pictures! We probably drove right by you on Saturday and didn't even know it! :) We went past "Tulip Town", but it looked so crazy-crowded. We almost stopped at the next tulip field, but again didn't. I guess we figured we'd seen them by driving past, and that was good enough! Lame, I know! :) It looks like it was a nice little trip for you and your kids! I am glad they are feeling better! :)

Ms. Tee said...

Such beautiful photos! Your children are so cute! :)