Friday, April 17, 2009

Two Week Construction Update!

First of all, I still could use area rug help! Go on down to the next post! :) (Jen and Shannon, thank you SO much for your ideas, they're really helpful!)

Now, on with the show!

As a reminder, here is what the back of our house looked like before construction started...

And here it what it looks like after two weeks of construction! We have a subfloor with a crawlspace underneath! And we even have our very own mudpit...oh wait, I'm not so excited about the HUGE mess part of all of this.
My husband and daughter are standing in the new part of the family room and in front of the sliding door is the new part of the breakfast nook. All of this will be a wide open area just as it is in the house.
Two of my favorite people in the world! My other favorite person was napping in Mama and Dada's bed with his white noise machine cranked all the way up!
The black "paper" was under the siding and under that is insulation (in some spots...) and then the drywall. We all were surprised to find out there is NO plywood sheathing on our house! Apparently "single-wall" construction used to be "to code" here. Well, it might have technically been legit, but now we know why our house is drafty!! Eventually we're going to have to reside our house (our house is sided with a siding called LP siding...there have been many lawsuits over this faulty swells up like a sponge if any moisture gets through the paint) and now we know we'll have the added expense of adding plywood underneath it. Ugh!
Today they'll be hoisting up a big huge beam to go across the entire space to support the weight of the ceiling and the roof. After that, I believe they'll start framing the walls! Exciting stuff!


Our Complete Family said...

Wowee girl~ that is a big project going on, but boy will it be neat when it is finished!
I loved your Easter pics. The kiddos look so adorable and your bunny cake turned out so cute!
Hope you have a fantastic weekend ahead filled with fun and good naps during the construction~ white noise machines are awesome, aren't they?!?
Hugs, Les

Shannon said...

That is big project! So exciting!

Ms. Tee said...

Wow, what a big project! My hat is off to you! lol :) I just watched Jon and Kate plus 8 last night, and they were doing their "green" projects. Kate was saying how everything is all out of kilter when there's a big project going on and how hard it was for her. I feel for you, too. :) But it will be so great when it's done,won't it!