Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Cleaning and Selling!

No, I haven't disappeared--I've been busy cleaning STUFF out of my house! I've been selling things on craigslist, the local children's consignment store, and on eBay. Compiling items, listing items, and meeting people pass off items has been keeping me busy!

My children are really looking forward to summer swim lessons--which will cost me $200 a month--so my goal is to make enough money to cover the cost of their lessons. (My secret goal is to make enough extra that I can buy two barstools for my kitchen counter...but I'm keeping that goal to myself!)

I shared the "paying for swim lessons" goal with my children and they've been cheering me on and they're thrilled I'm already over halfway toward that goal. It has been a wonderful lesson for them in saving and working toward a financial goal. They don't receive allowances, so this is a bit of a new experience for them--especially in this age of debit cards and ATM machines.


Hi I'm Amy, said...

Wow, Great idea. I love it. We had a garage sale last year to try and clean out all the stuff. Somehow all new "Stuff" got back into the house... Good Luck I hope you reach your goal!

Trish said...

Good for you! I have also started to do the same in hopes of paying for some summer camps for my boys. Happy selling!