Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vintage Mason Jars

I've been collecting vintage mason jars for awhile now and first posted about them in July of 2008. Although I've been collecting them, I haven't actually figured out anything to do with them, so they've just been sitting in a cupboard. My interest in them was rekindled when I found a REALLY big one (without a lid...boo!) at Value Village for $5.99. So a few weeks ago when I was putting away my Easter decorations, I decided to put out some of my pretty jars as a centerpiece on my table.
The light streams through this window and shines right on my jars--so pretty! My little boy (don't you love his fishy face? that's what he does when he's concentrating hard!) told me that he likes them too.
I put two more jars and a vintage glass insulator, also in the pretty aqua color) on my black dresser behind the family room couch. Sad to say, I have still more jars tucked away in the cupboard. It is nice to see at least a few of them out on display though.
Speaking of the black dresser, I also put out the bucket of paper daffodils that the children and I made last spring. I still love this craft project just as much as the day we made it!


Connie Weiss said...

They are so pretty! I didn't know they came in that color.

Darlene said...

I LOVE your mason jars and the color is gorgeous! I have quite a few big clear mason jars and I use them to start my spider plants in. I fill them with water and clip off the spider plant babies, stick them in the jar to grow strong roots. I showed them last spring or summer and I will probably show them again since I have some ready to plant.