Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

...or as we say in our family, "Happy Mama Day!"
Five years ago my little girl gave me a beautiful lilac bush for Happy Mama Day--and this year, for the first time, it is blooming! I took this picture last week because I'm so happy to see it bloom for the first time! It brings back memories of my little girl toddling around the plant nursery in her little pink skirt with her little ponytails sprouting out of the top of her head. So sweet...I miss that age so much!
We had a very good Happy Mama Day. I slept in (well, sort husband did wake me up four times with questions/problems...but that's about as good as it gets around here) and then we went to church. After church we went out for breakfast at a new restaurant in our little town. The weather was gorgeous and we were able to eat out on the deck and watch the sailboats.
My husband got the hints I dropped for him in March and gave me the Lisa Leonard family tree necklace for Happy Mama Day. Ohhhhh, it is gorgeous!! It came with a discount coupon for a future order...this time I'm not hinting--I want to see what he can come up with on his own.
After our brunch, we walked around our little town for a bit before stopping at the bakery and buying cookies for the children which we took to the waterfront to eat.
Yes indeed, it was a HAPPY Mama Day!

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Karri said...

ohhhhh! that's a beautiful necklace! yay!!!!!
is that a korean dwarf? it looks just like my lilac bush!