Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We're back!

We spent the past week at the coast--so nice to have time to spend as a family! We had good weather for a couple of days and then it was cold, rainy, and breezy for the rest of the time. Oh well, we still had fun!
We saw gorgeous sunsets from our balcony the first two nights--after that it was too cloudy.
One of my favorite pictures from our trip. My baby and his dada. Love them. Lots.
This was our first time being there (we've gone to the same place for the past five years!) for the town's Kite Festival. Gorgeous huge colorful kites!!
I took lots of pictures of my loves...but no pictures of me where taken until midway through the week when I requested some photographic evidence that I was on the vacation too!
So, here is my proof! Me with my babies on an indoor carousel...I'm going to be sad when my little boy doesn't need me to hold him on the horse (well, rabbit in this case!) any more.
Oh and we ate ice cream. And we had ice cream for lunch. Twice. Totally unheard of in our family but definitely something we'll be doing again. Breaking "the rules" is fun sometimes!
On one of our last days the weather cleared enough for us to go explore a new beach. Yes my children are wearing winter coats (and bare feet!) on the beach. It was COLD!
Those giant rocks in the previous picture are COVERED in big barnacles and oysters...and we found starfish too!
Sea anemones!
And of course we had to take the requisite towel picture. They love this, for some strange reason!
This picture is from our last evening. The rays of sun piercing the stormy clouds...well, it was just breathtaking. My picture does not do it justice. It was one of those God moments.


Beckie said...

Passing on the Versatile Blogger Award to you because I love your blog! Have a fabulous day!

Anonymous said...

Where is this beach at? It is beautiful.....I would love to go!

Thanks, Wendi

Jenni said...

The pictures are amazing, especially that last one! It looks like you had a fantastic time! :) And ice cream for lunch~ yum! That is fun to do on vacation sometimes! I am glad you had such a fun trip! :)

Allison @ Room Mom 101 said...

I saw your crayon hearts (for Valentine's) last year and have been storing your idea. I just featured it on my blog. Thanks!