Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First Reconciliation

My sweet (squinty eyed!) girl made her First Reconciliation this past weekend and is thrilled to be one step closer to making her First Communion. She was the first child to make her confession and was so excited to use the confessional. She had the option of using the confessional with a visiting priest or sitting down face-to-face with the parish priest--who isn't our parish priest because she made her First Reconciliation in the parish where she goes to school rather than at our home parish. At any rate, she chose the confessional because she is fascinated by it. She didn't tell me what she confessed (and I didn't ask!) but she did inform me that her penance was to say one "Our Father".
After she was done, she made her First Communion banner (which has her name at the bottom--I attempted to clone it out in PhotoShop, thus the odd shadowing!) She will be making her First Communion at our parish church (with our priest who baptized her) and then the following weekend will be walking at this church's First Communion celebration where her classmates will be making their First Communion.

It is hard to believe my little girl is growing up! I ordered her veil today from the woman who made my wedding veil ten years ago!!


Jessica said...

How exciting for *****!!! I'm so proud of her! I was always fascinated by the confessionals as well. I couldn't wait to be old enough to go in and see what they were! LOL!!

Debbie said...

How exciting! My 2nd grade son has First Penance this weekend and then First Communion in May. It is such an exiciting time but does make me sad to see him grow up! They grow up too fast!

first holy communion gifts said...

Parents gets so excited for this day!