Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Shoes or Teva makes Mary Janes ?

(new Teva shoes -- LOVE them!)

Two years ago I blogged about some adorable OKAb shoes that I bought. I still love those shoes...but last week I looked down at my shoes and realized that the sole of one of them was ripping in half! Not a good look. I crossed my fingers and hoped that my shoes would last until I made it home (they did) and promptly went online and ordered myself some new shoes.

The verdict? I'm in love! I had no idea Teva made mary janes, but I love these! The style is the Teva Westwater 2. They are perfect for running around after my children and for my lifestyle. They run about a half a size or more big (I read lots of reviews that referenced this and my experience backs this up). However, I have BIG feet and these do not make my feet look big...and I love that!

Two thumbs up!


Karri said...

gotta love cute, comfy and practical!

InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Sarah-

I love Teva's - these are so cute and much more stylish then the ones I have.

My best- Diane

Jackie said...

Thanks for sharing. They look cute and comfortable. :)