Monday, July 7, 2008

Random Cuteness

My babies are so gosh darn cute, I just have to write down some of their latest things so that I have them for posterity. This will be a random list, so be forewarned!


Both my children have allergies to animals and I detest creepy-crawly things. Needless to say, we don't have any pets. Well, last week I was eavesdropping on my children as they were playing in the yard and realized they were playing with a slug. (Gross, I know!!) Anyhow, they were carting the slug around the backyard on a large leaf and calling it their pet. Hilarious and gross at the same time. The kicker was when they sent the slug (on its leaf) down the slide! Now everytime they go out in the backyard, they find a slug to be their pet. It's so funny and yet kind of sad at the same time.


Today we went to pick strawberries--this was Handsome's first time not having the berries cut up and prepared for him. (Yes, he's sheltered--I like it that way!) Anyhow, neither he nor Princess realized that you could eat the berries as you picked them. I clued them in on that after about half an hour. Ohhhh, Handsome was SO happy! My mom went with us and the two of us quickly tired of pulling the leaves off the berries for Handsome, so we showed him how to take bites of the berries. After that he happily munched away...until we heard a strange noise and then he said "Handsome no like leaves. Noooooo, Handsome no like leaves." (Except, of course, he used his name instead of Handsome...he answers to Handsome but doesn't say call himself that.)


Last night Princess was singing to herself in bed after she went to bed. It was sooo cute! She was singing "Halleluia" for awhile and then she switched to "Christ is Risen, Christ is died, Christ will come again." Yes, a little bit backward, but absolutely adorable nonetheless! Even better was that she was singing it over and over again. Totally hilarious!


And, no list of anecdotes is complete without a potty reference. Handsome is in diapers fulltime still but uses the potty on occasion--we're not doing potty learning yet though although I think he's almost ready. Anyhow, he wanted to use the potty the other day and almost immediately pushed out a poo-poo. After telling me all about it ("did ONE poo-poo, Mama), he proceeded to push out another one--at which point he said "made poo-poo FRIEND!!" So cute and definitely gave me a chuckle!

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Kitty Scraps said...

Oh how funny and sweet!

Rae said...

Your kids are definitely too cute! Their pet slug reminded me of stories my dad tells from when he was growing up. He would go outside and find ants to be his pets!

I can't wait for JK to make "poo-poo" in the potty!! Keep up the good work, Handsome!!

Anonymous said...

They are braver than I for playing with a slug. :) Yuck!

Anonymous said...

My mom taught us to put the snails and slugs in the cup of salt-water she kept next to the garden, but that didn't ever stop us from playing with them first.

You have some cute kiddos.

Shannon said...

Ok, that slug going down the slide is hilarious!! :)

Mrs. Organic said...

Cute stories. My sis and I didn't have pets either, so we opened upa snail hospital in our playhouse. Next day, there were no snails but the wall were covered in glittery green trails

PinkDaisyGirl said...

I'm in total agreement ~ the slugs are funny, but gross too.

gnome517 said...

Very cute! we go on slug hunts around here, but haven't seen any of them head down the slide (yet)...but then again, we have pets :)

Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

Your kids are so sweet. My daughter says the funniest things too. I have not been good at writing them all down and I know that I am going to "kick" myself if I don't start!!