Friday, July 25, 2008


Today is SOCCER day for my little ones and they are so excited! This summer is their first time in the local soccer program and they both love it! Handsome and I do a parent-tot program at one end of the field while Princess is in a program for her age group at the other end of the field. It works out really well! (By the way, that is Princess in the white sneakers. Yes she's taller than the other children. Yes she's the youngest.)

The other week I brought a camera onto the field with me and was able to get a few pictures. This next picture is of Handsome's favorite game at soccer. They put their hands up to make binoculars and look for sharks on the soccer field. He loooves doing this! It kind of makes up for when the coach tells him to sit on the field and he flatout refuses because he can't stand the feel of the artificial turf. He'll squat down but won't ever actually touch the ground with his skin.
They both are so excited on soccer day. We'll definitely be continuing soccer beyond the summer. We're very fortunate that an indoor soccer facility was built just a few years ago in our small town, so we can participate in soccer year-round without being worried about the weather.


Rae said...

Is it an indoor soccer field? If so, that is so neat! I might be a better soccer mom if I didn't have to brave the elements of the weather!!

Nicole said...

Cute pictures, your little boy looks like a pro. My daughter starts soccer in a couple weeks, she is so excited.

Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

So cute!! I have a four-year old daughter in soccer too....and she is always the tallest (January baby and also naturally tall).

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

boy - he looks like a natural! What fun