Thursday, January 22, 2009

spring cleaning time!

I am so ready for spring and warm weather! However, since I can't control the weather, I decided at least I could get started on spring cleaning. This way when spring finally does arrive, I'll be ready to enjoy the weather (or, more likely, devote my time to cleaning up the yard...ugh!)--plus I like having things neat and organized.
Ugh, what a mess! This is the upper cupboard to the right of my stove. It is one of those really awkward cupboards where the shelf extends about a foot past the door...and I had it crammed full of stuff! There was a method to my cramming, but it was pretty messy and definitely needed to be organized!
Every single thing on my stovetop came out of that one cupboard. Pretend not to notice how much stuff is piled up...because it is a LOT. Candy molds, decorative strawberry dishes (I collect strawberry kitchen stuff), spare spices, lots and lots of cupcake sprinkles, molasses (multiple types!), the list goes on and on!
Ahhh, a clean and empty cupboard! Ignore the oak cabinetry that I really don't like at all...that's on the "will be changed a future date" list.
So much better! And look, I found more space! Woohoo! That space isn't empty any more...I bought a basket at the Dollar Tree and moved my children's extra prescription medicine up there so now it isn't tucked all in amongst my dishes in a different cupboard. My little ones take a lot of medicine and we order most things from the mail order pharmacy that ships three months of meds at a the medicine situation was getting out of hand.

I'll spare you the pictures of the rest of my cupboards (especially since I'm not done yet!) but I must say, I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I open up the cupboards that are freshly purged and organized. At least I can have control over one area in my life!

Have you started your spring cleaning? Are you (like me!) someone who likes to purge and organize or are you (like my husband!) someone who wants to keep everything forever and ever?


Shannon said...

Definitely like you!! I throw away too much probably. :) Your cabinet looks great! I have a pantry and two closets on my list of clean-outs. Hopefully I'll start those next week!

Our Complete Family said...

Looks GREAT! I love projects like this once I've finished them. Good for you for having the 'oof' to do it. I need to get busy on some more of my cabinets and closets. You have motivated me hun!!!

Susie Harris said...

Wow... looking good! I redo mine from time to time. I think it's about that time too~ Hang on till spring!

Ms. Tee said...

Oh, I definitely like to purge and organize! It's just that I don't do it enough! lol You did a great job - it looks so nice and neat :)

lisa said...

I’m a little of both. My husband, on the other hand, likes to randomly put stuff away were I can’t find it. I’m in the middle of cleaning out my cabinets too. With him, it no telling what I’ll find!