Thursday, March 26, 2009

A quick project done...eight months later!

Way back in July I posted about a pedestal dish project that Cindy at My Romantic Home made out of some cheap products. Well, I finally made mine...eight months later! I ended up not using the original cheese dome that I found at St Vincent de Paul (because I had the worst luck trying to find a plate to go under it) and instead used a different cheese dome and glass plate that I bought for $2.99 at a local thrift shop. I paired them with a candlestick from the dollar store and some E-6000 glue...and voila! I finally finished this project!
Now I need to use it in my decorating...I think it would look sweet with some grass and some eggs for Easter.


jenjen said...

That is adorable! Worth the eight months. LOL!

I think it would look so cute with a nest.


Ms. Tee said...

Very sweet! I agree, a nest with some little pastel eggs would be really cute. :)

Carrie said...

good job!

Robin said...

You just needed to let the idea stew for a while I guess. All that waiting and thinking on it has paid off for you. Very cute

Shannon said...

It looks great! I was inspired by you way back in July for this project! :)

Our Complete Family said...

Hey~ it was worth the 8 month wait b/c it's adorable! So cute and clever!
Did I tell you yet the blog looks great? Love the springyness (I know, that so is not a word but you get what I mean!!!)
Happy week ahead hun~ Les