Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

(subway art printable is from eighteen25 and I printed mine as an 8x10)

Happy Valentine's Day! This weekend has been full of crafting craziness at my house!
We started off making my daughter's Valentine box for her school Valentines. We had so much fun with this and she is confident hers will be the cutest shoebox in the class. I am quite sure we are the only family that utilized clamps (to hold the popsicle sticks in place as they dried) as part of the process. Hey, we take our crafting seriously in this household!

(The felt garland in the background is one that I made last year. Here is the tutorial in case you missed it!)

Next we made her Valentines for her classmates. Earlier in the week I took pictures of her blowing kisses. Gosh, it is hard to take good pictures of a child blowing kisses--I almost gave up! At any rate, we finally got the pictures done and I added some text and had them printed at Costco with a heart border. We stuck the pictures on some cardstock and on the back of the cardstock she wrote a Valentine message to her friends and signed her name--and then we attached a bag of kisses to each Valentine. So cute! "Kisses from ..." So cute!

We also did a fun little art project involving candy conversation hearts. I'm partial to these hearts since my husband used them when he proposed to me back in the Dark Ages. (Awww!)
My children made a few of these. This particular picture is one that my daughter made for her teacher. There just is some white school glue holding those hearts in place and she wrote a message for her teacher on the back of the purple cardstock. My preschool boy made some too--this is a project for all ages!

The crafting continued today with the making of a heart lei necklace. I read about this here. Super easy and I didn't have to buy any supplies for it. Win-win!
It turned out cute even though I made the hearts a little bit too big. Oh well, my little guy just likes the process of making "projects". "More PROJECTS, Mama!" is a constant request!
After a weekend full of crafting projects, this is what my crafting supply dresser looks like--the top two drawers don't even close. It was worth it though because we had FUN!
Fun, I tell you, FUN!

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