Thursday, February 24, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Day Ideas

My little girl attends Catholic School and we celebrated Catholic Schools Week at the beginning of February. Teacher Appreciation Day was part of Catholic Schools Week--so we have that behind us already even though it seemed really early to be done with it. I thought I'd share what we did to show the teachers at school that we appreciate them.
First though, during my blog break I missed the chance to write down some news. My little girl finished up kindergarten last year at one Catholic school and then transferred schools over the summer to a different Catholic school (we didn't move). Her new class is a first/second grade classroom and almost immediately she was doing the second grade work rather than the first grade work--and by October she was officially moved up into second grade. She skipped right over first grade and has settled in just fine to second grade. Sniff, sniff--she is growing up so quickly!
Having her at a new school means I can reuse some of my favorite ideas from last year--no need to recreate the wheel! So we gave these water bottles out to the principal, office manager, music teacher, and PE teacher. I wrote a tutorial last year for how to make the pocket tag. This year I used a cute number printed scrapbook paper behind the Crystal Light packet and I like the "school" effect it gave the tag.
I made this box of office supply goodies (and chocolate!) for her classroom teacher. Yes, it is nearly identical to the one I made last year for her kindergarten teacher. I even used the same scrapbook paper! I found the idea on eighteen25 and just love it! The box is an embroidery floss box I bought at JoAnn Fabrics for less than $5.
My daughter's note inside is my favorite part. It says: "Dear XXX, You are a great teacher. You have us do fun activities like the one where we put celery in colored water. I like it when we play jump rope together at recess. I love you. Love, YYY"

Click here to see the door decorating we did for teacher appreciation.

I'm linking to Hookin Up with House of Hepworths for the first time. I have to say, HOH is a great blog (I must have been under a rock, how have I missed it for this long?!) and there are some great links going on over there too!

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