Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Lollipops

My sweet boy has been dealing (or not dealing, as the case may be) with reflux since birth and for the last two+ weeks he has been having an especially bad time of it. Needless to say, he has not been up for crafting and definitely NOT up for making seventeen valentines for his preschool classmates.

Never fear, little man, mama to the rescue!

(the real valentines obviously have his name instead of a distorted bright red heart )

Didn't they turn out SO cute? Ahhh, I love them! And, most importantly, so does he! He was SO excited to deliver them to his classmates (and to himself!) yesterday at preschool--delivering these was about the only thing that made him even want to GO to preschool yesterday.

I'm pretty sure Alissa at 24-7-365 was the first blogger to post this idea, although now you can find the idea all over the place...but I think she was the original source...maybe! I did what she did except I used a razor blade to cut slits for the lollipop (instead of scissors) and I used mini Tootsie Pops because I think the smaller lollipops look cuter on the I had them leftover from Halloween so they were free! But they really do look cute and they don't weight the picture down as much as the big lollipops do.


Unknown said...

This is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Karri said...

Sooo cute!