Sunday, May 10, 2009

Five Week Construction Update

As of last Thursday, we are five weeks into this construction project. Originally this was slated to be a 6-8 week project....I'm thinking it will be more like 9-10 weeks.
The two windows on the first floor that are not included in the remodel are the kitchen and the formal dining room. We had our contractor build the addition so that if in the future (way WAY in the future!) we want to expand the kitchen and build an office off the back of the dining room, we'll be able to tie into the roof line of the addition and not need to recreate that. If it weren't for the possibility of doing that additional work in the future, we would have opted for a gable style roof instead of a shed style.
I love the light that already is coming into the new space!! For this picture I was standing in the old space of the family room and looking toward the new space. Our kitchen table will go in front of the window on the left.
This is our old fireplace wall--with one new 2x2 window cut in on the left--a new one will go in on the right where the studs are exposed. The fireplace header also has moved up--our new fireplace (the old one is wicked drafty!) will be installed on Wednesday and I picked out the tile for it on Saturday. I'm so thrilled to see the old tile GONE! Apparently the builder of our house (in the early 90s) thought it would look good to put floor tile on the wall AND the floor surrounding the fireplace. Tacky!
Here you can see the third 2x2 window that we'll be adding to this space. These 2x2 windows weren't in our original plans, but we decided they were necessary to keep our house as full of natural light as it was before the addition.
Our life is behind that plastic wall--our drafty, chilly, dusty life! I'm ready for this project to be DONE!
This final picture has me standing in the corner of the new space and looking across the room toward our kitchen. I'm so excited for our family to get to start *living* in all this space. It will be wonderful!


Jenni @ nest to keep said...

Oh wow! It is looking fantastic so far! That will be wonderful for you to have all that extra space! :) I am so glad you showed us pictures~ it is going to be just perfect when it's all done! :) I hope your Mother's Day was a great one for you!

Shannon said...

It is really coming along!! Can't wait to see it finished!

jenjen said...

It's looking great!!! Hang in there.