Wednesday, May 13, 2009

If you want it done right...

Why is it that having my husband make lunch for the children always *seems* like a good idea?
Because really, if I thought about it, I would remember that *every* time, I'm left with a mess like this...hours later. And no, the milk container wasn't empty.
*sigh* He means well.


Jessica said...

Oh Sarah, I feel your pain. My MIL had a rule while my husband was growing up: You can help yourself to anything in the kitchen, but when I walk in there later I don't want to see any evidence that you were ever here. So, I ask him "why doesn't that rule apply here?" *sigh*....just one more person that I have to clean up after :-)

Unknown said...

I understand I don't think anyone but me knows how to wipe the counters off. BTW I love the chalk board cute!

Karri said...

I feel your pain, sista. That's all I can say.

Our Complete Family said...

Men!!! ;)
Love the chalkboard hun~ it will be super cute and fun to use!
And wow~ your house construction is coming right along! I bet you can't wait to be finsihed. It's going to be lovely.
Happy Spring! Les