Thursday, May 14, 2009


Yesterday I was at our local grocery store and they were having an amazing deal on organic strawberries--buy one pound for $2.98 and get two pounds free! I love a deal like that! Soooo, I came home with nine pounds of strawberries. I wanted to buy even more, but was a bit worried about where I would put them all.

Luckily earlier in the day I saw a recipe for Puff Up Pancakes over at Leigh Anne's blog. I love her blog, by the way--lots of fun recipes and the way she shares her parenting skills and life advice is very approachable. Good pictures, too!

Anyhow, the pancakes sounded fun...and she said they tasted great with I knew what we were having for dinner! The pancakes are super easy to make in a 9x13 pan in your oven.
Mine puffed up so much that it got tangled up in the top rack in my oven! Whoops!
Luckily it deflated a bit when it came out of the oven. It was GOOD! Not a traditional pancake flavor, but definitely good.
And yes, it tasted good with strawberries and powdered sugar. We all loved this dinner!

Unfortunately that only used up one pound of strawberries...I still had eight more pounds! I had a plan though. Strawberry freezer jam! We're on our last container of blackberry freezer jam that I made in early September, so this was good timing!
That left me with just two pounds of strawberries. A much more manageable amount for my family of four! In fact, we ate another pound of them today! Yum!


hip chick said...

I made strawberry freezer jam last year and was it ever good. I'm going to try the blackberry freezer jam because they are a great price at the market. I'll wait and pick my own strawberries though.

The Bertone's said...

I LOVE strawberries, we eat them a lot around here. Its great! Looks like you had fun with them!

Bernadete said...

Thanks for the pancake recipe we had them and the were GREAT!