Monday, May 11, 2009

Thrift Store Finds

Today my sweet three year old boy decided not to nap while his sissy was at preschool, so after over an hour of him playing instead of napping, I got him up and we checked out a thrift store in town that I've never been in before. It's kind of a thrift/junk store. Anyhow, it was a mish-mash of stuff--some great stuff that was horribly overpriced and some cheap stuff that I wouldn't have bought even if it was free! I guess that's how it goes when you have multiple people selling in the same location.
I did find these two pretty milk glass containers. One was $3 and I think the other was $2.50. I like them. They had three that look like the one on the right--I think I might go back and buy one more of them. Ignore the dust on the black dresser...the construction dust is permeating my downstairs!!
I couldn't resist this pretty jar, either! It's not all that vintage in my book since it commemorates the bicentennial...but I just love the coloring. My other jars in this color are older, but I think this will fit in just fine!


jenjen said...

Those are awesome! I never find anything good at thrift stores. I guess I don't have the touch. I hope your construction is going well.

I saw you posted about it. I am going to go check it out.


Carrie said...

Great finds I just love milk glass!

Jo - To a Pretty Life said...

Lovely stuff! I always look at the milk glass in the thrift stores, but here it's always priced way higher than I want to spend.