Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Box Tops for Education

If you're anything like me, you like to support your schools whenever possible. One popular way is by cutting out those "Boxtops for Education"...or, if you're REALLY like me, you don't cut them, you just rip them out and hope that you don't tear off any pertinent information. I have a hefty stockpile of boxtops that I've accumulated that will go off to school with my little girl next year--don't worry, I've been checking the expiration dates and they haven't expired!

So, lucky me--I was contacted by a marketing firm and given the opportunity to test out a NEW way to support the school of my choice. And, the best part?? It is by shopping!! Woohoo! Shopping is something I'm very very good at!
All you do is go to http://www.boxtops4education.com and click "Sign Up Now" and pick a school to support. Then you click on "Marketplace" and shop at the stores that are listed--anything from Nordstrom to Gap to Barnes and Noble! Hey, if you want to give a child a subscription to Zoobooks (remember that animal magazine?), they'll give a kickback of over 22% to your school!

Anyhow, it was super-duper easy to navigate and shop--I highly recommend it! A few clicks and POOF! Not only does my son have a new pair of snowpants, but I've supported the Catholic school I'm planning on sending my daughter to next fall!

So, what do you think? Did you know you could shop this way? I had no idea!


Sandy Toes said...

I did...I have cut MANY MANY box tops for my kids schools...my kids are quicker to point out it's a box top than I am !
Fun post!
-Sandy Toes

Rae said...

Good planning! I have to tell you that a lot of parents don't even cut or rip the boxtop off...they send in the whole box! Crazy!!!

Thanks for the shopping info. I'm going to pass that along to my Box Top Coordinator and to the parents at the girl's school!

Our Complete Family said...

Very nifty info indeed! My son's Catholic school just started boxtops last year. I had no clue about this info though! Handy stuff! Happy day hun~ Les