Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Easy Hairbow Holder

My daughter is a bow girl and has been since she was about one year old. She's six now and still loves her bows. She wears them everywhere--with her school uniform, out to play, and even on walks in the woods. Bows aren't all that common where we live and the girls who do wear bows typically stop wearing them long before kindergarten. I'm happy my girl is a bow girl and I hope she stays one for quite awhile longer.

Of course this means we have a lot of bows. A lot. I don't even keep all her bows after she has outgrown the matching outfit--I've sold hundreds of bows at this point. When she moved into her big girl room (and out of the nursery) just before she turned two, I spent a lot of time making it girly and sweet. Pink, green, and white--I still love it! I also needed to come up with some bow storage because the collection was getting crazy!
I pulled this French memo board out from under my bed (literally!), put it on the wall, and clipped her bows onto it. It works beautifully and we've used it for the past four years now. A couple of years ago I did add in the second bow holder you see to the right--that's just a metal ring with a long ribbon attached to it and the bows just clip on the long ribbon.
The memo board holds an immense amount of bows. I have them packed on there! At any rate, this is a cheap, easy, and cute way to hold and display my daughter's bows. I'd rather spend the money on her bows instead of on an expensive bow holder.

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Shannon said...

That is a great idea! Looks like it holds a lot more than the regular bow holders.

Tammy said...

that looks really effective!

Amy said...

That is a great idea! Very clever!