Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fountain Play

We've been at Children's Hospital two times over the last 1.5 weeks and have taken advantage of the opportunity to go to a nearby outdoor shopping center so that the children can play in their outdoor fountains. It is such a pretty shopping center and not at all typical for our state. It seems more like one you would find in California. Princess and Handsome love the fountains there and it is a nice way for them to use up some energy before the trip back home.
For our second trip, Princess wasn't with us as she was spending the night away from home for the FIRST time ever! She spent the night with Grandma and had a wonderful time although she returned home exhausted as she had no nap and stayed up until 10:30pm!
So Handsome and I set out alone before dawn on our trek to Children's Hospital. We were rewarded by a gorgeous sunrise as the boat traveled across the water. Of course about an hour away from home I realized that I forgot Handsome's shoes at home! I put him in the car in his jammies...and didn't pack shoes! Whoops! He wore his jammies for his chest x-ray and his barium swallow test and then we had a few hours before his next appointment at Children's, so I got him dressed and we headed off to the outdoor shopping center for breakfast, shopping, and fountain play.
It was so nice to sit at a table outside and eat our breakfast--very peaceful and nice to spend one-on-one time with my baby boy. After the shops opened, I bought him a pair of Merrell's for fall. Not shoes I usually would pair with summer shorts, but I didn't want to waste money on another pair of summer shoes.

Then my baby had some time to play in the fountains before we went back to the hospital. He loves this fountain with turtles and frogs spitting water at each other--I think he would have spent all day there if I let him!


Whitney said...

Your kiddos are presh! Those turtle fountains look so fun that I want to play in them!! :)

Unknown said...

ahhh..i remember those days. we loved to play in the water fountains! these make me think of the ones down in disney world, i believe at epcot. they burst water bubbles up and you have to clap your hands and smash them mid-air!

Shannon said...

That looks like a kids dream! :)

Jessica said...

We were just at that same Children's Hospital yesterday (the 19th!!). I hope everything is ok with Handsome, I didn't realize he's been undergoing tests. I'll keep him in my thoughts (and where oh where is that fountain? We didn't venture too far away). ~Jess

Unknown said...

hey! i saw your comments on my friend ame's blog! she's amazing, huh! my boys have the same boden shorts ;-)