Thursday, August 14, 2008

A harvest!

Woohoo, we're finally harvesting something other than romaine from our vegetable garden! My Early Girl tomato plants are five feet tall (no exaggeration!) and we're finally seeing the first red tomatoes! Woohoo! The roma tomato plants are a foot or so smaller and the tomatoes still are green...but I have faith they will get red soon!
The other day the children were thrilled when I pointed out that our first strawberries have turned red. Oooh the excitement over those few red berries!! I know you're supposed to pinch off the flowers and whatnot the first year of your strawberry patch, but that didn't sound very fun to I let them go. It looks like we'll have more berries soon, too!
Aaaaand...we have a cute little green pepper growing! Look at it--so cute! (Excuse the blurriness--it isn't blurry in real life. For some reason I focused on the leaves instead of the pepper.)
Apparently this wasn't enough of a harvest for us. Well, okay, truly we only picked the strawberries--the pepper obviously wasn't ready and the tomatoes needed a couple more truly we picked six strawberries... ANYHOW, we decided to push our luck (please note that I use the term "we" quite generously--really it was my husband!) and pull a carrot too...despite me pointing out that the bushy top of the carrot wasn't very bushy.
Um, yes, that would be a carrot. We all had a good chuckle over that and then we stuck it back in the ground. Man, these carrots are a pain in the rear--first hardly any of them sprouted and now they're taking for-freaking-ever to grow! Hopefully they'll start growing a bit better now that they're established.

A few more parting shots of the strawberries...since they really were all that we harvested.


Rae said...

I love how excited the kid's faces look! They're so proud! I must admit the carrot was a bit funny. I heard that they make great container plants because they don't have to grow around rocks and such. I'm not a carrot person myself so I don't grow them!

Kitty Scraps said...

I am in awe of folks who can garden successfully, I stink at it, and you should be very proud of your garden. Lucky girl, all those fresh veggies!

Nicole said...

Your garden looks wonderful, especially the strawberries. I'm jealous, our garden hasn't produced anything yet, and I'm not so sure it will. Maybe next year we'll do better.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Your tomatoes are gorgeous, mine are totally the opposite. The heat here has been terrible. Hope they produce a huge crop.