Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What a day!

My poor sweet baby boy had his elbow dislocated by his sister yesterday. As soon as I saw him, I knew it had happened again. He was sitting on the ground just whimpering and crying and looking so pitiful. This happened for the first time in October when my husband had him by the hand and pulled a bit too hard. That time around we had to take Handsome to the emergency room since it was in the evening and we didn't know what had happened. Now that we know he is prone to Nursemaid's Elbow, we are so careful not to pull him by the hand. *sigh* My poor baby.
I bundled him (sobbing) into the car along with his sister and we headed down the hill to our doctor's office. We had a short wait before seeing the doctor and my baby just huddled against my chest while whimpering--very unusual behavior for him. The first attempt to put his elbow back in didn't work all the way, so about five minutes later the doctor tried again and it worked. This was very different than the first time he dislocated it--that time they were able to pop it back in very easily. I hope this doesn't mean that the next time it will be even harder to get back into place.
He's find now although he kept rubbing his elbow for the rest of the day. Still, he's clearly not in pain and his fingers are nice and pink, so I think it just is the memory of the pain.
Added to all of this, I found out yesterday that we'll be going back to the children's hospital in a few weeks for more testing for him. Last time we were there he had a chest x-ray and a barium swallow. It turns out the chest x-ray showed some thickening of his airway. So now we're heading back for a video fluroscopy and a consult with the pulmonology department. And this means the ph probe and endoscopy may need to be done sooner rather than be pushed off until next summer.
Anyhow, in the hope that the rest of Handsome's week goes better than the first two days of the week, I'm making this post all about my baby boy and sharing some recent pictures! Mama loves you, Handsome!


Screaming Meme said...

Wow! You did have quite a day! I hope he is okay!!!! I wasn't sure if I personally invited you to my on~line faux class~ Screaming Meme's Faux School!! It's a continual class that I'm teaching on fauxing,distressing,antiquing furniture and walls! Oh and I love love love your blog name!!!

Shell in your Pocket said...

Love your pictures...cherish those times!
Sandy toes at

Marie said...

Oh man... I was reading that and feeling so nauseous! That poor baby!! My mother dislocated her elbow a few months ago and she was in a LOT of pain. What a brave boy you have!! Hope he feels better fast!

Darlene said...

Oh poor baby...gosh that had to hurt! Hope his elbow isn't sore for too long. He is just an absolute cutie pie!!

The Happy Housewife said...

That has happened to my daughter a few times. The first time she popped it back herself. The last few times my husband has popped it back. Looks like he was smiles in the end!

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Oh these pictures are from the past month or so--not from yesterday. Yesterday he had grass stains all over his jeans from being outside and tear tracks all over his sweet cheeks.

The doctor did show me how to pop it back in--but then that method didn't even work to get his elbow back into place this time! He had to use a different (and more painful) method.

Ack!! I felt so bad!

blessings said...

Awww.. Don't you just hate it when this stuff happens?! One of my boys is so accident prone and since he has a bit of Mom's "spare-tireness", he always gets black & blue. Poor thing. Blessings... Polly

Mary said...

Poor little guy. Such cute photos.

Unknown said...

Oh the poor little guy! I hope he feels better soon !Jen R