Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Dada Day!

Happy Dada Day!! Yes, that's what we call it in this house as both children still call my husband "Dada" instead of Daddy. We are blessed to have him and we sure hope he knows it! We love you!

Princess and Handsome painted this card/sign for him on Friday and surprised him with it today. Can you believe how big Handsome's handprint is? His is the one on the left side of the paper--I was shocked to see it is almost as big as his sister's!

Ahhh, what a lovely family picture. Princess and Handsome were ready for us to eat as soon as we arrived at the restaurant after church--definitely not in the mood for picture taking! Oh well!

I do like this last picture though of me with my sweet babies. Love them!!

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Mys liv och hem said...

Kids are wonderful.Fathers also =).Have a great day