Friday, June 27, 2008

Medical Stuff

The past week and a half has been full of medical issues for us. Last week I brought Handsome to the allergist and was expecting to have him diagnosed with seasonal allergies and possibly dust mite allergies. I was *not* expecting him to be diagnosed with all of the above *plus* an allergy to tree nuts (and maybe peanuts...they're not quite sure yet) that requires a medical alert bracelet as well as the need to have an EpiPen Jr on hand!!
Good heavens! We go back again in a few weeks and I have so many questions for the allergist. I'm hoping a blood test (he just had the skin scratch tests, poor baby) can tell us the severity of this allergy. I've never given him nuts for a snack or anything, but I know he's had trace amounts of nuts in foods before since so many things are cross-contaminated with nuts.

I found him a medical alert bracelet that he really likes though--it has trucks on it. The downside is that it is huge on his little two year old wrist. Big and bulky. I was hoping to also buy a traditional metal bracelet, but all of the chains I've found are too big for him. I'll have to keep looking.

As though that wasn't enough, Princess had problems too. Last Thursday we had new carpet installed in our house because of her allergies--the old carpet was original to the house and was almost 15 years old. It still looked okay, but had a lot of dust mites and whatnot trapped in the carpet and padding. So we had everything ripped out and replaced (it was on our "to do" list, but we weren't planning on doing it *now*). I kept her outside the whole day, but I think the fumes from the new carpet still were too much for her once she came inside. Plus she had her first soccer class on Friday.

Anyhow, long story short, on Monday we had to go into the allergist's office for Princess and she was given breathing treatments and started on prednisone to get her asthma under control. We also had a nebulizer delivered to the house. We had some more scary moments (really scary!!) Monday night, but eventually got everything under control. She's still on the prednisone (a steroid) but is responding well to it and hasn't needed the nebulizer in a couple of days. We have soccer again today--hopefully that doesn't cause a flareup.

Hopefully this weekend will be free of sickness for all of us (did I mention I had a major migraine last weekend from the carpet fumes??) and we can enjoy the hot weather that is heading our way.


Jen said...

That stinks about the nut allergy. Hope your daughter is feeling better!!

Susie Harris said...

You poor things.. I know the feeling . We found out the hard way that madison was allergic to sulfa. After many sleepless nights trips to the hospital and steriods.. WE now know.. She ended up with Stevens Johnson disese... I think I said that right.. Anyway we have to make very sure she stays clear of anything that contains sulfa.. I hope you have a peaceful weekend. Susie H~

Veggiemomof2 said...

At least Asthma is something they can outgrow or at least control. My neice had flare-ups alot during summer activities, but at 21 has outgrown any problems with it.