Thursday, June 5, 2008

Preschool Graduation, Take Two

On Monday Princess graduated from preschool. Again. And next year she'll graduate for the third time. *sigh* I understand the point of preschool graduation for each class level (since some of her classmates only attend for one year) but the bulk of her class of 20+ will have "graduated" from preschool at least two times! Oh well, it seems the novelty doesn't wear off. Plus she was thrilled to get flowers--I bought her a spray of pink tea roses and the florist put in some purple flowers too. Pink and purple, her favorite colors.

She has made some wonderful friends at preschool and I have been blessed to make some friends with the other moms. Princess is at a Christian preschool and I love how God is a part of her everyday life at school. Too often it seems that religion is reserved for Sundays. I am so thankful that is not the case with Princess. Our experiences with this preschool really have made us see another wonderful reason to have our children attend a parochial school rather than a public school. Of course we teach our children about Jesus, but it is wonderful to have religion happen in the classroom as well. Earlier I wrote about touring a school that seems to be a wonderful fit for our family. Of course I'll continue to obsess over this topic for the next year, but at least for now I'm feeling at peace with the schooling decision.

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