Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Tisket, A Tasket, A Tassel!

I treated myself a couple of weeks ago and bought a tassel from The Nester. It arrived last week in all its fluffy loveliness and is adorable! (Gosh, I sure talk about Nester and her blog a lot!)

Anyhow, here is my cute new tassel. I love it! I've tried it hanging from the knob of my computer armoire as well as from one of my black lamps. I think I like the lamp location least for now! It is in my living room to try to keep it semi-safe from curious little fingers. The little ones still go in the living room but there aren't toys in there so it isn't as fun a location for them as the family room.


Nicole said...

Oh I love your new tassel. Was it wrapped up all pretty? Someday it's gonna be worth a lot of money I bet :)

Shannon said...

Your new tassel is so cute! Yes, mantels are usually a lot deeper than mine in our neck of the woods. Everyone who comes over laughs at it. :)

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Love that tassel. She does such pretty work and dont feel bad cause I brag on her all the time too. My family knows her as Nester and Im always talking about her good decor ideas. I feel blessed to have become friends with all of you great ladies. Hope you have a great weekend!Susie H~

Liz Harrell said...

Very nice! I just love The Nester!

Tausha said...

So cute! I love her tassels. I really wish that I could figure how to make them..I would go broke trying to outift my house with all that I would need!
Love to find our ranom facts about people.
I love the mirror and candle sticks. I was thinking-I hate buying new furniture-because I have to save my money and wait. I hate to wait. I hate waiting.
That is why i am so glad that there is this great invention of spray paint.
So-instead of a new table-paint it. You probably should use wall paint.
Get a quart of black. sand your table and chairs, paint it up, let it dry, sand if you like that look and then polyurethane it. You will have a new table and then you wont have to buy a new one.
it will take a little longer than a naptime though. You should try it though, I bet you would be really thrilled with the results. i know that I was! Your hubby will be so impressed, tell him that you want a new outfit or something for the house for all your hardwork! :0 Worth a try right?

Rae said...

I loved that tassel and thought about it for myself! So glad you are enjoying it!