Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We may have a winner!

Yesterday afternoon we visited the Catholic school I mentioned in an earlier post. And...we may have a winner! We walked away from our visit with a VERY good feeling. The principal was very friendly as were all the teachers we encountered. The kindergarten classroom was inviting (as were the other classrooms) and we were pleased with answers to our questions about how the school will challenge Princess.

The best part was seeing how students reacted to Princess. School was out at 3:10pm and we arrived at 3:20pm so there still were some students around. Princess tends to try to engage people in conversation--the students were very patient and not at all annoyed with our four year old.

If we had to choose a school TODAY for our children, we would choose this school. We asked for (and were given) contact information for some parents so that we can get their views on the school too. We're keeping our fingers crossed. It really was a great visit!

And, I must admit--I love the uniforms. I've always loved school uniforms and the ones at this school are pretty cute! Plaid jumpers with red sweaters for the little girls and plaid skirts with blue sweaters for the older girls. Boys wear blue pants with red sweaters when they're in the lower grades and then their sweaters switch to blue when they're older.

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